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Saba is different from all other islands in the Caribbean, with winding mountain roads and little villages clinging to its sides. More and more divers are flocking here to the last of the "virgin" dive locales, with some of the best sites in all of the Caribbean.

While nearby islands have been snared by development conglomerates, Saba does its darnedest to fly under the radar. Locals are steadfast in their efforts to preserve their close-to-nature lifestyle, which will undoubtedly prolong the island’s status as the ultimate pristine getaway.

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Planning a Trip to Saba Island - Saba is a mysterious remote vacation destination unlike anything else offered in the Caribbean. Saba is the smallest island in the Dutch Caribbean and is mainly a dormant volcano engulfed with rainforest. Because the island is a volcano, you will not find any beaches on the island. Traveling to Saba can easily be done by air or by boat through the neighboring island of St. Maarten - just fifteen minutes away.

The island is only five square miles with a narrow, six mile long main road built by a local resident who learned how to construct it by taking a correspondence course. The road twists and bends throughout the island and splits off into various hiking trails. Many automobiles pack this main road. It is highly recommended that as a visitor to the island that you leave the driving to the locals.

You are free to enjoy a bug-free atmosphere on the island of Saba. The water comes from either rain or desalinated sea water and is stored in cisterns at each person'€™s home in the eco-friendly villages. Each cistern contains guppies that make sure that mosquitoes cannot breed.

The two main attractions are hiking and diving. If you plan on hiking, you may want to bring a walking stick as the terrain is quite rugged. The hills are quite steep so you may want to consider getting in shape to get the most out of your trip. Take along plenty of water and bring a friend. You may also want to bring along a hat and sunscreen as well for those hot, sunny days.

Saba offers the best world- class dive sites. The waters contain an abundance of marine life, coral reefs, and underwater mountains. Spiny lobsters, sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, octopus, and numerous types of fish inhabit the waters. The Pinnacles is a dive site you won'€™t want to miss. It features a natural formation of submerged peaks covered in stunning sponges and corals.

The waters are protected by the Saba Marine Park. This means that divers cannot go exploring the depths of the waters on their own. If you want to go diving, you will need to book your trip through one of the many dive shops located on the island. These shops will make sure you get to see the best underwater sites the island has to offer.

Saba Island hotels offer many relaxing amenities to unwind and relax after a busy day. Many offer cozy suites with wireless Internet, cable television, in-room coffee makers, and authentic dining experiences. Most are within walking distance to all the main attractions. If you plan on shopping during your Saba trip, you will find plenty of offerings at reasonable prices in the local markets. Supply boats bring in fresh produce on Wednesdays. Make sure to get needed items early because supplies tend to become scarce as the week wears on.

Saba Island in the Caribbean is the perfect getaway for those who truly want to get away from it all.